Fun-A-Day 2018

31 days of Unfinished Projects

Balloon Painting

day 11: Balloon Painting

An unseasonably warm day calls for an outdoor project. Quilting outside was lovely, but I have been waiting for such a day to try balloon painting.  

There were a few trials and errors. The first error being the water balloon full of blue paint that exploded all over me when trying to fill it.  


Balloons were hard to break, bouncing to the ground time and again, and the paint mixed with water was too runny and mostly ran off the canvas.   

The second canvas I placed flat after inserting pushpins.  Balloons popped instantly upon hitting the pins. 

Take a look at the balloons popping in slow motion:

The paint stayed on the canvas and swirled in beautiful patterns while wet. 

...but lost a lot of that luster after drying.  Still a really fun day experimenting with Balloon Painting!

Lisa ValentinoComment