Fun-A-Day 2018

31 days of Unfinished Projects

Photo Slide Light Fixture

days 20 & 21: cleaning, preparing, and experimenting with slide layout

This past summer I found the PERFECT light fixture to transform into a Photo Slide Light.  This was on the curb slated for the dump. 


I'd removed the outer rings and needed to clean the glue and the inner drum.  


I then started experimenting with slide layout.  My first sampling of slides was rather boring, so I opted to include the original rings with a much nicer effect.

day 30: finishing the photo slide light fixture


Once I settled on this setup, I removed the sample slides and worked on removing the glue and residue from the rings.


I have a stack of carousels a friend gave me from a photographer friend of her brothers.  His photos are the perfect sampling of countries and cultures through his travels in the 70's and ideal subjects for this light.  


I was so close to finishing this project when I ran out of connecters.  I worried I'd have trouble locating more and would have to take this apart and reconfigure the slides. But I was able to hunt down enough to finish and the light is now DONE!!

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