Fun-A-Day 2018

31 days of Unfinished Projects

Geometric Quilt circa 1995


days 1-4: Resurrecting the Geometric Quilt

Started this quilt 23 years ago when I lived in Menlo Park, CA.  It was intended as a wedding gift for my brother.  It has been packed away and carried with me across the country and through 7 moves. Time to resurrect it.

days 6-12: Reconfiguring the Geometric Quilt

Yellow blocks weren't really working, so they were removed, and I'm loving the red blocks amid the cooler colors. 

Creating new blocks is taking quite a bit of time to cut and sew together. A tedious process when sewn by hand.  I am reminded that 23 years ago my endurance for such things was greater, and my eyesight much better!

days 14-18: Making progress on the Geometric Quilt

Pleased with the progress, making the tedium seem worthwhile.  I very much want it to be done, so the question is, keep it as a square, or go for a more pleasing rectangle?

days 23-26: Squaring off the Geometric Quilt

Small setbacks when changing direction with how I'm handling the edges caused me to rip out recent work.  Hoping to at least have the top piece completed by the end of the month.  Considering a chevron type top stitching following the block shapes to finish the quilt.

day 27: Geometric Quilt top is FINISHED!

After working on this hand-sewn, half hexagon, geometric quilt nearly every day this month, the top piece is DONE!!  This quilt was started around 23 years ago as a wedding gift for my brother.  It has sat untouched since then, boxed up and following me from home to home and back across the country.  It feels good to resurrect this quilt and will be a great addition to my wall art collection (Sorry Bro!) once the quilt is completely finished.  But that's more than I can fit into a month of FunADay!

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