Fun-A-Day 2018

31 days of Unfinished Projects

Projects still left Unfinished...

Bottle Cap Collage

day 1: Sorting Bottle Caps

I have been collecting these plastic bottle caps that cannot be recycled.  When Creative Reuse stopped accepting them, I had quite a number of them and, from habit, kept saving them.  I'm going to try creating a self-portrait in bottle caps.

Ottoman Cover

day 2: Choosing fabric for a new cover.

I've been wanting to create a more colorful ottoman cover for this piece from Ikea.  I picked up these fabrics today from Creative Reuse's fill a bag for $5.00

Entrelac Scarf

day 2: Searching through Ravelry to find my notes on this original scarf design.

days 4 & 6: Working a section of entrelac on this scarf and remembering why I quit knitting and the toll sitting and knitting takes on my body.

Resurrecting this Entrelac Scarf from 2009.  The lenticular entrelac pattern is my own design, and I'm thankful for Ravelry for keeping my notes so I can pick it up again. 

And some projects I never even got to...

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